What affects aging the most?

What really affects health the most

What affects aging the most is a combination of your age, the climate you live in, and your ability to practice a regular self care program. These are the three greatest factors affecting how quickly you will age. More important is how well you adapt your daily self care program for your age and climate. Think of it this way….we are all born with an individual uniqueness, and your uniqueness remains the same over your lifetime. As we live our lives through time (age) and place (climate) how well we care for ourselves determines our vitality and resistance to disease. It’s like caring for a plant…with no care a plant withers and succumbs to disease; with great care from a master gardener the plant thrives. We too are the same; some of us are strong and some fragile, some climates are mild and some harsh. How well we manage our daily self care is the key to healthy longevity. The foods we choose, types of exercise, sleep habits, ability to relax and enjoy life. Even socializing and the career you choose over time greatly affect the state of your health. If we continually choose stress over self care then our ability to stay healthy greatly diminishes. Consulting with an Ayurvedic Practitioner will help you to create a personalized self care program based on your age and climate.

 What is the healing magic of Ayurveda

Is Ayurveda anti-aging?

Ayurveda is anti aging; based in a system of belief that all existence was created by five elements. Ether, air, fire, water, and earth exist in everything in varying amounts creating all that we are. A simple way to see this is by comparing different climates; a desert is windy (air) and hot (fire) and together these two elements create an environment where plants find it more difficult to live. On the other hand a rain forest is also hot (fire) but has rain (water) and together these create an environment where plants find it very easy to thrive. We too have varying amounts of these elements which come together to create our health or illness. A person with too much fire element is prone to excessive thinking, burning indigestion and loose stool. A person with too much air will have difficulty focusing, low appetite and constipation. Ayurveda is a system of anti aging by balancing the elements which are unbalanced by increasing the opposite quality. When a person is heated; utilizing cooling foods, herbs, exercises, and relaxation techniques will create balance. This is how an Ayurvedic Practitioner will work with you to create your perfect daily self care routine.


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