Ayurveda is a complete system of healing that greatly restores health and youthfulness. Therapies either nourish or purify the body and are recommended by the individual need of each person.

A personalized Ayurvedic assessment determines the therapies needed to begin your journey toward becoming healthy. Therapies may include beneficial foods and herbs, herbal oil massages, herbal steam baths, yoga therapy, breathing exercises, exercise, and lifestyle routines.


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Ayurvedic Consultation – Initial – $140.00 – 1.5 hours  – Print/Download our consultation form
Comprehensive health assessment will determine your doshic imbalance. Individual treatment plans are designed and implemented to fit your lifestyle to create permanent change over time. Recommendations may include foods to favor, herbal remedies, herbal oil massage, herbal steam baths, yoga therapy, life style adjustments to your sleep routine, exercise routine, frequency of enjoyment, connection to nature and much more.

Ayurvedic Consultation – Follow up – $70.00 – 1 hour
Enhanced individual treatment plan and support for ongoing health improvement.


Abhyanga – warm herbal oil massage – $110.00 – 90 mins
Warm oil massage using synchronized hand movements designed to stimulate and cleanse the lymphatic system. Herbal oils are deeply nourishing and enhance the suppleness and health of the skin.

Svedana – herbal steam bath – $40.00 – 30 mins
Herbal aromatic steam bath administered after an Abhyanga massage to help penetrate the oils deeper into the skin, lymphatic circulation and cells for greater health benefits.

Shirodhara – streaming oil over top of head and hair  – $80.00 – 1 hour
This is a Peaceful warm gentle flow of streaming herbal oil over the forehead, scalp, and hair. Offers a peaceful state of relaxed meditative awareness and deeply relaxes and rejuvenates the tired stressed mind

Kansa Wand – face massage and nasal oil – $80.00 – 1 hour
Energizing face massage using a Kansa Wand to open and cleanse the sinus cavity followed by 2-3 drops of herbal oil in each nostril. Deeply cleansing for the sinuses; an amazing therapy for chronic sinusitis, headache and increases mental clarity

Polarity – energy balancing massage – $80.00 – 1 hour
Opens and balances energy according to the ancient Ayurvedic system. Energetic points related to the nadis are stimulated using a Kansa Wand, Essential Oils and Ayurvedic Polarity to open areas of stagnation, pain and injury.

Katti Basti – back pain therapy – $80.00 about 60 mins
Ayurvedic therapy for healing back pain; warm herbal oil is retained in a dough dam over the sacral, lumbar or thoracic regions of the back. Pain relieving anti-inflammatory herbs such as frankincense, nirgundi, arnica, st john’s wort, turmeric, or ginger are utilized to soothe and strengthen

Netra Basti – eye rejuvenation – $80.00 about 60 mins
Organic ghee is retained in a dough dam around the eye, this deeply rejuvenates fatigue, redness, dryness, dark circles and vision lose. The qualities of ghee are deeply rejuvenating and revitalize the whole area around the eyes; wonderful anti-aging treatment

Hrd Basti – love for the heart – $80.00 about 60 mins
Rose infused herbal milk is retained in a dough dam over the heart with strengthening herbs such as rose, bala, and hawthorn heal the emotional heart as well as strengthen the physical heart


Pancha Karma = Five Therapies of Detoxification and Rejuvenation

Ayurveda has a highly specialized branch of disease management called Pañcakarma; it is extremely effective at reversing the symptoms of disease and restoring youthfulness. Pañcakarma is a fine-tuned process with precision therapies based on many factors for each individual. Only an Ayurvedic Doctor who has successfully completed five and half years of study and earned the degree of B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) or higher is qualified to properly prescribe and oversee the administration of Pañcakarma. It is not wise to undergo Pañcakarma treatment unless guided by a skilled B.A.M.S. Ayurvedic Doctor. The goal of a properly performed Pañcakarma treatment is to remove or expel the aggravated dosa(s) from the body. It is important to understand, if done improperly the dosa(s) could relocate and cause more complicated issues. It is also extremely important to know exactly when and where it’s best to undergo Pañcakarma. It is important to avoid extensive travel and advisable to undergo Pañcakarma close to where you live, as travel aggravates the dosa(s). You may find you have no choice and need to travel to receive Pañcakarma; if this is the case then plan a long period of rest before traveling back home. The whole process will take several weeks to a month or two; and is thoroughly life changing and so worth it when properly administered.